Rent with benefits.

Share in the benefits of ownership with the flexibility of renting.

How it works.

Pick from any of our available homes.

Nothing catch your eye? No worries, drop us a message and we'll find a home with you.

We're the landlord you wish you had.

Pay rent every month like normal. We'll also give you the option to buy some of the home every month.

Now what?

You get the keys to your ownhome.
We do all the boring stuff and record keeping.

  • IKEA session
  • Housewarming
  • Cozy candles
  • Mandalorian
  • Profit

Who is this for?

You value the benefits of home ownership but are limited by:


You haven't decided where to place your roots and aren't ready for the commitment of buying a home. Go forth young sapling.


A mortgage feels like too much responsibility but you have no troubles paying rent every month.


A down payment feels like a hurdle and you're saving towards it.

Frequently Asked Questions

We make money from rent. We're just like any landlord but we believe in the good in people. We believe sharing the benefits of ownership will make for happer tenants. Happier tenants will be better tenants.

Want to know how we calculate rent? Join the community and let us know.
No, we're committed to charging market rent. Any additional contribution is entirely up to you. You're in charge.
If you want to see how we calculate rent join the community and let us know.
There are two types of costs:

Operating Costs: The day to day stuff that keeps things up and running.
Internet? Yours to choose. Need more than your cellphone? Bundle it with a landline but that's up to you too. TV? Power to you, be it Netflix, Disney+ or cable. Water, electrical & heating? Depends on the building but up to you. Want to see a comparison versus a traditional landlord? Drop us a message and we'll break it down.

Capital Costs: Things that make the home safe and liveable.
Things break, its part of the reality of home ownership. We're partners in this and share the costs of fixing things. Laundry machine suddenly fall apart? We'll split the costs proportionally according to our ownership share.

Our hope is that you love your ownhome so much that you'll make it your forever home. Your ownership credits can be used towards the down payment when you're ready.

We know life's unpredictable and things will change. In that case, we'll buy your ownership share at the market price.

Let's be friends with (housing) benefits.